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Starting at $85 per visit


Let Swim Clean make your swimming season hassle-free with our weekly maintenance program. Leave all the work of maintaining your pool to our team of swimming pool professionals.

What is included

  • Testing of pool water chemistry

  • Equipment performance check (making sure there are no leaks and equipment is functioning properly) 

  • Emptying of skimmer and pump baskets (as needed) 

  • Skimming of surface (as needed)

  • Vacuuming of pool/spa (as needed)

  • Brushing of pool (as needed) 

  • Brushing of scum line build-up (as needed) 

  • Cleaning of filter (as needed) 

  • Balancing of pool water chemistry  

  • Emptying robotic cleaners 

  • Report will be sent for each visit via email 



  • Pool chemicals are not included in the base visit price and are billed additionally on an as-need basis.

***HST applies to all sales and services***

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